pfilates is recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength.

Pfilates is a program of functional movement proven to produce better activation of the pelvic floor than traditional kegel exercises. The 10 Pfilates movements done as a routine provides 35% greater pelvic floor activation than Kegels. When the VESy Lab is used to identify a clients "best 3 movements" the advantage over Kegels goes up to 75%.

VESy stands for: Video - EMG Synchronization

The VESy Lab is the final step in the development of a cutting edge pelvic floor neuromuscular training center. The VESy Lab provides real time synchronization of the subject's video image and four EMG channels. We generally recommend use of the pelvic floor (perineal electrodes), Transversus abdominis, lower extremity adductors, and gluteals while performing the standard VESy Protocol for Pelvic Floor Assessment and Training.

The VESy Lab is fully adaptable and can be used for rehabilitation of any neuromuscular system suitable for surface EMG. Exercise protocols you have used to treat lower back, shoulder, neck, and knee disorders can all be utilized with Video-EMG Synchronization.